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Jenna Doolittle

Yes, Doolittle is my REAL last name & no, I'm not related to Eliza Doolittle or Jimmy Doolittle, nor do I talk to animals - I wish! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Get to know me & what I'm up to! 


What's going on?! 
SCANDAL Press! 10.29.15
"Actress Jenna Doolittle, co-stars in tonight's episode, keep your eyes peeled for this rising star" 
Just booked a role in a hilarious new webseries where I play a very funny manager! Directed by Gabriel Gazoul, who wrote & directed "TheRussian” (, which headlined at LAShorts Fest, and the hysterical satire “A Precious Brainstorm”(, which was featured on the home page of Funny or Die.) Details to come! 
Just booked a role on SCANDAL! The episode will air on Oct. 29th at 9PM. Big THANKS to Linda Lowy Casting!!! Tune in and tweet to me during the episode - @ThatDoolittle! #TGIT #SCANDAL
Visit me at Actor's Key West - 8.10.15
I started working at Actor's Key West - the premier place for actors to workshop with Casting Directors! 
Back from vaca! - 8.6.15
In this industry, it's important to get some R&R once and while so I went home to NYC & RI - ate lots of lobster & had a blast visitng with family & friends. Now I'm back in LA & ready to go for episodic season!!! 
NEW MANAGER - PureTalent!!! -6.8.15
Thrilled to announce I'm now working with the amazing Katrina Herlong at PureTalent Management! Feeling very grateful & excited for what we can accomplish together! Check them out:
Twitter -
Website -
Broke 2,000 Twitter Followers! -5.15.15
Holy moly! Over 2,000 people think I have something to say that's worth listening to - how exciting!!! And I'm growing by the day. Follow me @ThatDoolittle! 
 Completed Billy O'Leary's Template - 4.29.15
Just learned so much taking Billy O'Leary On-Camera class. What A TON of new practical information that I can easily apply to my auditions! 
LifeStyle Photoshoot! 4.1.15
Got to shoot some really fun lifestyle photos of me w/ Megan Lyn Photography. You get to see me lovin on some lobsters & being my quirky whacky fun self! 
Booked a Short! -3.30.15
OMG! Just like totally booked the role of a valleygirl. Shooting this next week!
Commercial Intesive w/ Stuart K. Robinson - 3.27.15
Just finished an amazing on-camera commercial intensive! I can't say enough good things about it. Stuart is so knowledgeable & inspiring, plus I learned a ton! Let's book some commercials!!! 
New Comedy Reel! - 3.1.15
I'm so excited to share with you all my new reel. Please watch it here! 
On-Camera with Billy O'Leary & Aimee DeShayes - 2.17.15
2x's a week I'm taking an on-camera audition bootcamp class w/ the lovely people mentioned above. I just LOVE it - it's giving me major confidence when I go into the room!
New headshots with Rob Mainord - 2.1.15
Got some new headshots taken & these gems are very commercial & comedic. Had a super fun day w/ Rob. I'd defintely recommend him! 
Improv time! - 1.20.15

Started a UCB intensive this week and have been having a ton of fun. Who doesn't love games?! My graduation class is on Jan. 31st if you wanna stop by! 












Just filmed a guest star on a new webseries - 12.15.14

Really funny new webseries called McMann & Bernstein. Got to play drunk, times! 

Code 6 On Santa - the play that I'm in is running! - 12.8.14

The play I'm in opens this week! I play two roles - a super crazy and emotionally distraught girl whose boyfriend has just left her (comedic) and a strong intelligent woman who works at a 911 dispatchers office (dramatic) - best of both worlds! Dec. 12 & 13th. 


















Just filmed a silent musical short - "The Struggle Is Real" - 12.7.14

My brilliant friend Emily produced and stars in this short musical video based on old Jerry Lewis numbers. This vignette is pretty hilarious. I felt lucky to be a part of it. Will share it on my videos page soon. 


Completed 3 week course with Lisa Ystrom! - 11.17.14

Just completed an awesome 3 week class with Casting Director Lisa Ystrom who casts NBC's "From A to Z", ABC Family's "Young & Hungry" and she had great things to say about my work! :) 


New Commercial Agent - DPN!  - 10.30.14

So excited to tell you all that I'm going to be working with Jennifer York over at DPN Talent as my new on-camera commercial agent. Now let's get to booking! :)


New Headshots with Vanie Poyey - 10.28.14

Just got these awesome new headshots taken. It was so much fun. Vanie improvs with everyone she shoots with & we had a blast! 


Booked a workshop of a new play! - 10. 10.14

Just booked the role of Alexis in a workshop of the new play Code 6 on Santa, performances are Dec. 12 & 13th. More details to come!


Crazy Callback Fun! - 9.28.14

I GOT TO MILK A COW!!! Literally, milked a cow on Beverly Blvd. for a PNC bank callback yesterday. It was so fun! 


Anthony Meindl Workshop's Fall Comedy Showcase - 9.15.14

I've just been cast in the Comedy Showcase at my amazing acting studio Anthony Meindl's Actor's Workshop! Let me tell you, this is going to be a HILARIOUS evening of fun! Please let me know if you'd like to attend. Performances are Thursday nights - Oct. 9th, 16th & 23rd.

Voiceover Booking! - 9.10.14

Just booked a voiceover gig for NBC with Renaissance Studios, Inc. So excited! 


Another Openin' Another Show! - 8.20.14

I'm currently starring in the original play Snug's Revenge, a hilarious and surprisingly dark comedy about an acting troupe putting on Midsummer Night's Dream, premiering at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre. Performances are Sundays (Sept. 14, 21, 28 & Oct. 5) at 7pm. I would LOVE to have you attend!  More details in image below.















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