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Thanks so much for stopping by! Get to know me and what I'm up to. And yes, my name is really Jenna DOOLITTLE - and no, I'm not related to Jimmy or Eliza, but I do like to talk to animals! :)

Completed VO for Actor's at Kalmenson & Kalmenson w/ Lynanne Zager!

I just LOVE the VO class I took! I found out that I'm a voice match for Reece Witherspoon and Judy Bowman, which was pretty awesome as they are two actresses I really respect and love. My favorite part of the class was coming up with our own lead-ins and improv material. Lynnanne Zager, our teacher, in the center of this pic, is a total pro. She was the voice of the computer Dharma on LOST! Too cool. Plus, I made new friends, which is always the best!

Shooting AFI Film

Had a blast shooting this film! It's so great to be surrounded by artistic passoinate individuals! Here is a shot of me and the two other actresses on set.

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