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Thanks so much for stopping by! Get to know me and what I'm up to. And yes, my name is really Jenna DOOLITTLE - and no, I'm not related to Jimmy or Eliza, but I do like to talk to animals! :)

Passed Groundlings!

Just completed Groundlings Professional Track Basic level and passed onto Intermediate. I had so much fun in this class. Doing improv is a real blast and I was lucky enough to have other incredibly supportive students in class with me and I got to work with THREE different teachers. Excited for Intermediate this Fall!

Scene Study with Chris Messina's Private Coach

I love my scene study class with Tom O'Brien. Tom is a working director/writer with a background of acting so he really understands the actors process. I study with him quite consistantly. Chris Messina often guest teaches and is a force as a teacher as well.

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