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Industry Accolades, Reviews & Recent Feedback 



"Actress Jenna Doolittle, co-stars on toinght's episode, so keep your eyes peeled for this rising star."

     - Lauren Weigle, Entertainment News Reporter,



"Jenna Doolittle is a quality actress whose work ethic, reliability, and passion for her craft make 
her a joy to direct, and an artist of enormous potential. She will be a money-maker!"

      – Stuart K. Robinson, CEO of Brady, Brannon & Rich (BBR)  



“Jenna Doolittle's performance as Bethany is riveting as we watch her go from a bubbly effervescent

Suse-homemaker, to a truly distrubing individual.”

      – Michael Roderick,


"Jenna is an amazing talent - I've been rooting for her since her move to LA and am excited to see what's

on the horizon for her." 

                 – Becky Sanderman, VP Production, Escape Artists



“Jenna Doolittle's Bethany manages to be simple and complicated at the same time

                 – Martin Denton, Head Reviewer at



“You have this unique quality where I don’t know what you’re thinking.

It reminds me of Michelle Dockery (Mary on "Downton Abbey"). It makes you very interesting to watch.

                -Pat McCorkle, Casting Director “The L Word”, “Californication”, “Die Hard: With A Vengeance.”



“SO committed. Very, very funny.”

                - Anthony Meindl, Founder & Master Teacher at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop

                  (Backstage’s #1 Acting School in LA)



“Jenna is an amazing person, a rarity in this business.”
– Mark Baron, Musical Director & Arranger for Gloria Gaynor and The 
Duprees, Composer of “Frankenstein, the musical”



"Jenna is an achiever. She has an amazing ability to get things accomplished on time with great accuracy. She's a great communicator and has a wonderful and pleasing personality. I highly recommend her for her work ethic and inherent creativity."

                – Al Parinello, Producer of Off-Broadway’s "The Fantasticks" and Tennesee William’s "Two Character Play" 



“Homey Bethany, played with acute sensitivity by the excellent Jenna Doolittle”

                  –Jon Sobel,



"Doolittle’s Mary makes sounds and faces that hilariously manifest this young woman’s insecurities"

                 – Paul Lamar, Daily Gazette



“Jenna is a dedicated, friendly and committed to everything she does. She is a very special person – a rare gem in this industry.

                 – Stuart Stone, Stuart Stone Casting - Commercial Casting Director 



“…there are impressive performances (Doolittle and Miller are immensely attuned to their characters; they deliver

multi-faceted interpretations of their inner struggles with grace)”

                  –Molly Marinik,, Resident Director of The Flea Theater 



"Mary is played superbly by Jenna Doolittle"

                   –Berkshire Bright Focus


"The three members of the principal cast (Alex Cape, Cecelia Frontero, and Jenna Doolittle) each do a wonderful job in their roles as the damned, alternating in turns between sympathetic victims of circumstances and vile antagonists. ...they all perform equally well in a very complex piece."

                   - Case Aiken, 

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